22/06/17 - Year 9 Stem Forensics and Hovercraft Building 
After a week of exam pressure, Year 9 enjoyed a fun day of STEM activities delivered by the British Army Recruitment and Careers section. Pupils had the opportunity to participate in a ‘CSI style’ forensics investigation, focusing on fingerprint profiling and recovery. Students also had the opportunity to design and manufacture a hovercraft from a variety of everyday objects. The day ended with a hovercraft race in the Technology suite. A fantastic, informative and fun day filled with excellent STEM activities and useful career guidance. A truly brilliant day! 
11/04/17 - 9A AMMA Centre Visit 
On Tuesday 4th April 2017, pupils in 9A travelled to the AMMA Centre, Armagh to take part in a green-screen filming workshop. 
As part of their RE classes, pupils were studying the Easter Story. In addition to this, pupils have also been exploring how the modern day media have a big role in reporting big news stories. Based on this combination, pupils were then tasked with planning, filming and editing news reports giving details of the Easter story. 
Pupils were all able to get experience in working both in front and behind the camera and received a very good insight into methods used by the TV & Film industry in making media productions. 
All in all a very enjoyable day! 
28/03/17 - STEM Module Visits School 
Year 10, 11 & 12 were treated to a fantastic workshop with the STEM Module on Monday 27th April 2017. The workshop was looking at microbiology and pupils learnt about different aseptic techniques used. 
Pupils got to culture their own bacteria using agar plates learning about techniques such as bacteria streaking. They looked at how antibiotics work and were shown how they can be used to treat infections. 
Pupils also got to explore the bacteria that lives on their body and were able to look at different types of bacteria that live on their hands. Pupils also got to look at different bacteria under very powerful microscopes. 
The day was indeed very useful as pupils who are taking GCSE Double Award Science 
will need to know about these processes as part of their biology modules. 
Many thanks to the STEM MODULE for their time and for providing a very enjoyable and useful programme for pupils. 
• 03/10/18 Year 10 Day of Ambition in Newry 
• 26/10/18 Year 8 Robotics 
• 18/10/19 Year 10 Crest Discovery Day 
• 21/11/19 Year 12 Skills NI Event in Belfast 
• 19/12/19 Year 11 Army Stem Event 
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