30/09/19 - Open Days at CAFRE in October 
26/09/19 - SESP Politics in Action event 
Three of our Year 11 pupils:- Jodie, Joanna and Lucy joined with our partnership schools yesterday to commence the Politics in Action programme with Peter Weil. The programme aims to prepare young people for the challenges of leadership and will help them to learn how to listen to debates as well as contribute to discussions, to demonstrate respect for those who hold oppose views and develop the key skills necessary to reach a mutually beneficial solution. 
25/09/19 - Newtown’s Enrolment Hits 200 
The start of a new school year brings change for all schools but for Newtownhamilton High School an increase in enrolment has resulted in 200 pupils being recorded on the September attendance register for the first time ever. 
The South Armagh school opened in September 1955 with an enrolment of 116 who had transferred from Townsend, Cassells, Armaghbreague, Camly McCullagh, Cortamlet, Aughnagurgan, Outlacken, Mullaghduff, Darkley and Belleeks. Fast forward 64 years and the school, with a current approved enrolment of 175, has been oversubscribed over recent times, filling all available Year 8 places. Principal Neil Megaw stated “Newtownhamilton High has been recognised by the Education Authority as a school which serves an isolated minority community in South Armagh. It is therefore extremely pleasing to see that our community is supporting the school and the excellent partnership arrangements that we have with other schools and educational providers in the local area”. 
Mr Megaw continued “Reaching this important milestone of 200 is a reflection of the high quality of education that we offer and therefore I pay tribute to our Board of Governors, teaching and non-teaching staff who all contribute to provide an education that meets the needs of all our pupils. Finally, and most importantly, I want to acknowledge our pupils who embrace the many opportunities that are available to them at Newtownhamilton High”. 
24/09/19 – Visiting Assembly Speaker 
Our whole school assembly this morning was delivered by Anato Swu who was born and raised in Nagaland, India. Anato, who was invited to Newtownhamilton High by local Pastor David Bell, shared his very moving story of how as a young man he was awarded entrance to the famous medical school of Andhra Medical College. During his time as a trainee surgeon, he became addicted to drugs and alcohol and fell into a very dark place. For many years a tug of war between good and evil sought to contest for his life, until good won. Anato now travels the world to give advice and lectures to schools, Churches and other groups on how to deal with and spot addiction. 
23/09/19 – 10X SESP Trip to Orange Fest 
Our 10X pupils recently joined with pupils from St. Paul’s HS Bessbrook to visit the Orange Tree Festival in Loughgall, which was arranged by the County Armagh Community Development (CACD) team. This trip provided an opportunity for pupils to get to know each other better outside of the school environment while also exploring the formation of the Orange Order in Ireland through music, song and cultural experiences. 
The festival included a visit to Dan Winter’s Cottage and Sloan House (Museum of Orange Heritage) in Loughgall. Pupils participated in workshops at both Dan Winter’s Cottage and Sloan House that were delivered by local Historian Trevor Geary and David Scott (GOLI Education Officer). 
19/09/19 - Year 12 Steps to Cope Presentation 
Newtownhamilton High is dedicated to promoting the emotional health and well-being of its students, helping them to build resilience and maintain positive mental health: The Personal Development Department was delighted to welcome Elena and Greg from Lisburn charity ‘ASCERT’ into school on Wednesday 18 September, to deliver the Steps to Cope workshop to the Year 12, as part of their Personal Development programme. 
The workshop gave the students an opportunity to explore many of the issues that young people are facing today, how they could impact on their lives and offered advice and strategies that they could put into place to alleviate these pressures. 
19/09/19 - SELF Conference in Templepatrick 
Our SESP partnership was delighted to have the opportunity to present at the SELF conference in Templepatrick. The event concluded with a Student Ambassador representative from each school (Jaydon McKee represented Newtownhamilton High) reflecting on their experiences and benefits of Shared Education and their hopes for the future.  
A big thank you to all our Student Ambassadors. @SharedEdLF 
18/09/19 –House Captains & Vice Captains 2019/2020 
Congratulations to our House Captains and Vice Captains for 2019/20 
12/09/19 - Rugby in Newtownhamilton kicks off! 
Newtownhamilton High has commenced it's Rugby programme for KS3 boys and girls, and received a very kind donation of new equipment from Armagh Rugby Club! The school has strong links with the local club and has provided many players for various teams over the years.  
Pictured are Matthew Nicholl and Zack Corkey, who both play for the school and the club, and Harry Doyle, the YDO for the club. 
05/09/19 – New Scarf Now Available 
Our new school scarf, which was designed by our Student Council Members, is now available to purchase at a cost of £13 from Lila’s, Scotch Street, Armagh. 
This stylish garment is an optional uniform extra for both girls and boys and has been especially knitted to meet the demands of the harsh Newtownhamilton climate which we experience during the Winter months! 
Many thanks to our models – some were reluctant to give the scarf back!!! 
30/08/19 – Year 8 Induction Day 
Today we welcomed our 40 new Year 8 pupils to Newtownhamilton High School for their induction. After a welcome from Principal Mr Megaw, the pupils got to know each other by participating in programmes delivered by Young Enterprise and the EA Youth Service. Pupils also got to meet their Form Teacher, who provided a guided tour of the school. 
Overall, a good start to life at Newtownhamilton High and hopefully everyone will return again on Monday morning! 
22/08/19 – Outstanding GCSE Results for Newtownhamilton High 
The annual publication of GCSE results at Newtownhamilton High has proved to be an enjoyable occasion over recent years with the school developing a province wide reputation for high academic performance. Once again, the South Armagh school has excelled by achieving an outstanding set of GCSE statistics that has actually eclipsed the performance of recent cohorts. 
Principal Neil Megaw explained “Over the last few years our GCSE results have been consistently high and therefore I was confident that we would again achieve another impressive set of results and I was certainly not disappointed. I want to congratulate our pupils, parents, teachers, non-teaching staff and collaborative partners for their contribution to these amazing results. I wish the Class of 2019 every success and believe that their experiences in our small country school will prove beneficial to them whatever their chosen career path”. 
Amy Flanagan performed exceptionally well with the following grades: 2 A*, 6 A, 1 B and 1 C*. Other pupils of particular note who all achieved A*, A or equivalent grades in at least one subject area were Hannah Bell, Sarah Bell, Sarah Belshaw, Katie Ferris, Leah Harrison, Sarah Herron, Chloe Honeyman, Faith Hughes, Gareth Knight, Lucy McIlroy, Aaron McKee, Jenna Mitchell, Abigail Smyth, Claire Stephenson, Emma Watt and Chloe White. 
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