French at Newtownhamilton High School 
Welcome to the French Department at Newtownhamilton High School. French is a fun and interesting subject where you will not only have the opportunity to learn another language, but much more about the country, culture, food and people of France and the many other French speaking countries! In addition to learning another language, you will develop a wide range of skills and capabilities including literacy, creativity and the ability to communicate and listen well! 
In Newtownhamilton High School, French is taught to all pupils in Year 8 - 10. At the end of Year 10 those pupils who decide not to go down the vocational route, study the language at GCSE. Currently all the 'X' groups study French in Years 11 and 12. Pupils are prepared for the CEA GCSE French. 
Why study French? 
To develop language skills in a variety of contexts. 
In today’s multicultural society, being able to speak one or more languages provides students with a wealth of 
opportunities and benefits. 
New worlds are opened up when learning languages. Whether it is to get the most out of foreign travel, hobbies, interests or career development, immersion in the culture and language of another country or region helps our understanding of the world around us. 
Moreover, learning another language will greatly enrich your life, both culturally and socially! 
Teaching Time 
Key Stage 3 - 3 periods a week 
Key Stage 4 (GCSE) - 4 periods a week 
Subject Content 
Key Stage 3 
• Self, family and friends 
• Home life and daily routine 
• Hobbies and interests 
• School 
• Health 
• Part time jobs and careers 
• Weather, towns and environment 
• Travel and holidays 
• Shopping 
Key Stage 4 (GCSE CCEA Syllabus) 
1. Lifestyle 
Healthy and unhealthy lifestyles and their 
Relationships and Choices 
Relationships with family and friends 
Future plans regarding: marriage/partnership 
Social issues and equality 
2. Leisure 
Free Time and the Media 
Free time activities 
Shopping, money, fashion and trends 
Advantages and disadvantages of new technology 
Plans, preferences, experiences 
What to see and getting around 
3. Home and Environment 
Home and Local Area 
Special occasions celebrated in the home 
Home, town, neighbourhood and region, where it is and what it is like 
Current problems facing the planet 
Being environmentally friendly within the home and local area 
4. Work and Education 
School/College and Future Plans 
What school/college is like 
Pressures and problems 
Current and Future Jobs 
Looking for and getting a job 
Advantages and disadvantages of different jobs 
Exam: If you choose to study French at GCSE you complete two short exams - Listening and Reading. The speaking and writing parts are now done as Controlled Assessment. 
Unit 1: French listening 
Students can be entered for either Foundation or Higher, but not both (20% of the marks) 
Foundation Tier - 30 minutes (35 marks) 
Higher Tier - 40 minutes (40 marks) 
Unit 2: French reading 
Students can be entered for either Foundation or Higher, but not both (20% of the marks) 
Foundation Tier - 30 minutes (35 marks) 
Higher Tier - 50 minutes (45 marks) 
Unit 3: French speaking (controlled Assessment) 
30% of the marks (60 marks) 
Students will complete two controlled assessment tasks. These tasks are untiered. Differentiation is by 
outcome, not by task. 
Unit 4: French writing (Controlled Assessment) 
30% of the marks (60 marks) 
Students will complete two controlled assessment tasks. These tasks are untiered. Differentiation is by 
outcome, not by task. The tasks will be marked by AQA. Students must complete all work independently. 
Further Education/Employment Opportunities 
With competition for University places at an all time high many courses are asking that applicants have a GCSE in a Modern Language, so having your GCSE in French could be a factor in you gaining a place on your preferred course at University! 
Recent surveys show that language graduates are less likely to be unemployed than those in other disciplines. 
Today's global economy means that businesses and corporations all over the world are keen to recruit people with language skills. 
Employers not only value an employee's ability to communicate in another language, but also the excellent communication and interpersonal skills language students develop during their studies. 
Young people with language skills are also finding opportunities in other industries such as, tourism, government, marketing, IT, journalism, engineering and the financial services. 
Career Possibilities - Where could my knowledge of French possibly take me? 
Air Steward/ Stewardess  
Media- T.V/ Radio presenter  
Army General  
Medical and Social Care  
Au pair (Nanny abroad)  
Personnel Management  
Banking/ Finance Services  
Central Government  
Primary School Teacher  
Civil Service  
Public Relations Executive  
Recruitment Advertising Sales Executive  
Customer Service Assistant (Multi Lingual)  
Sales Executive  
Secondary School Teacher  
Event Management  
Speech Therapist  
Teaching English as a foreign language (abroad)  
IT Development Team Leader  
Technology and Computer Gaming  
Travel/ Tourism e.g. Tour Operator  
Manufacturing Industry  
Working for the European Institutions e.g. The European Commission  
Special Events 
Traditionally the European Day of Languages is celebrated in Newtownhamilton High School with a delicious continental breakfast enjoyed by the whole school and hosted by Mrs Laverty with the help of the classroom assistants and year 12 pupils. Pupils also participated in a special European Day of Languages assembly and each form group took part in a European Day of Languages Fun Quiz after which prizes were awarded to top scorers. As ususal, the event was a great success. 
In March 2015, the French Department collaborated with the P.E. Department to organise a ski trip to Les Alpes d' Huez in France. In all, 24 young people form Newtownhamilton High travelled to France and enjoyed a week of fantastic skiing, not to mention revelling in the opportunity to practice their French. The trip was a great success and we continue to repeat this joint venture every other year. Additionally some of our KS3 pupils travelled to Paris in June 2014. Pupils got the opportunity to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Stade de France and also enjoyed a visit to Euro Disney.  
The department is planning another Paris trip in June 2016. 
Ski Trip March 2015 
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